How to Use Instagram in Your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android Phone

Instagram is an image/photo-sharing application for iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android phone, and others. The application is available on your device-related website for free; for example, if you want to use Instagram on your iPhone, iPod from apple, you may download the iTunes store application. If you’re going to use Instagram on your Android phone, then the application is available on Google Play. Instagram posts to Instagram online, and then there are sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and social media. Now huge developer created Instagram is available online, such as Kevin Systrom, created by Josh Duggar, by MK Design, etc. However, it follows the following direction to use in your device.

1. Download the Instagram apps from your device provided website, such as the iTunes store, for apple-powered phones. You must have installed the iTunes application on your device if you download it from the iTunes store.
2. Install and run on your device. After run in your device, you need an online free sign-up to use the application.
3. To sign up, click the “Sign Up’ button from your application home page. The Sing Up button is located on the Instagram application home page.
4. On the Registration page, put the required information such as username, phone number, email address, upload photo, etc., and click the “Register” button.
5. Next steps will suggest importing a contact list from Facebook. If you don’t wish, you may skip this setup.
6. Next steps will re-suggest to the following user: to follow clock the follow button, click has done button if completed.
7. Now, you may use the Instagram application (you must have an internet connection)
8. There are five tools icon on the bottom side of your screen. You may use any tools. For example, if you want to share the picture, click the Camera icon, and choose where you share. There are two options, such as Camera and Photo Gallery. If you want to share with a webcam, select the camera option. It will automatically run the device’s webcam or camera and store pictures. There are some filters that you apply to your photos. If completed, it will suggest share with social media, so select social media and share or publish your picture.

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