How to pay Washington gas bill

Washington gas is the subsidiary company of Washington Gas Light Holding Inc which has been distributing natural gas to customer since 19th century in the Columbia, Maryland and Virginia area. In the digital epoch, there are various payment processes for example, electronics payment, online payment, paperless billing, payment by phone etc to adjusting with modern epoch peoples. So if you are a user of Washington gas you’ll use the numerous options to pay its bill. Not only limited here, there are lots of vendor which offer payment online, electrically or via phone. Here you see the probable ways to payment your Washington gas bill in short time.

Payment Online

Basically all online payment systems are faster and convenient than others systems. So if you want to payment your Washington gas bill online you need access your account firstly online. To access your account online and payment your bill follows the following directions.
1. Visit the Washington gas eService center; see the eService center web link in the Resource.
2. Put your login email address and password in the login box to login your account.
3. If you have not previous created account, click the right side Enroll now button.
4. Access it TOS, fill up the registration form with your personal information and others and click the Register Now button.
5. In the next steps, add a gas account, to add enter your 10 digits gas account number and house or building number and others if needed.
After creation an account, login in your account and view your bill and pay with Visa, Master, American express, discover, wells Fargo debit and credit card online access checking account. The online payment system is not free, $4.55 charges applicable for each transaction, and you’ll pay up to $500 in one time. For any help you may call at 703-750-1400.

Pay by Phone

If you wish to payment by phone follows the following directions. The phone payment systems is not free, it has same charge like online payment. But you may make charge free payment with e-check.
1. Firstly call at (703) 750 7944, it’s a computer systems, which will be ask to choose language. There are two options for language, press 1 for English and press 2 for Spanish.
2. If you want to pay your gas bill type your 10 digits gas account when it will ask.
3. Press 1 button and enter your credit or debit card information to payment your.
4. Once if you have payment successfully, you may check your check your payment status, to check payment status press 2, after entering your account number.

Pay by Postal Mail

You may pay your gas bill via postal mail, to pay via postal mail send to:
Washington Gas
P.O. Box 37747,
Philadelphia, Pa 19101-5047,


Washington gas eService center

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