How to pay Southern California Edison bill

Edison International provides electricity in the Southern California with the subsidiary company of Southern California Edison. Basically it’s major electricity Supply Company in the Southern California. Now here you see guidelines to payment Southern California Edison bill.

There are online, by phone by postal mail and pay in person option. If you link to pay in person, visit your nearest Edison International office. The others ways briefly guidelines in the below-

Pay online

If you like payment Southern California Edison electricity bill online, there are difference way to payment bill online. For example, you’ll pay its bill online using your credit or debit card, where you no needed create online account. On the other hand, you can be registration to payment online, setup automatic payment, receive paperless bill, view payment history and others. Basically peoples using the online without registration if they made onetime payment.

If you want to make the payment with debit card or credit card you can payment with JPMorgon Chase Pay Connexion. It is not free, $1.75 charge for each transaction. See the JPMorgon Chase Pay Connexion website link in the Resource. Where you need, enter your 10 digits SCE account number and 5 digits zip code. And make payment with your debit or credit card. The systems always access Master, Star, NYCE and PLUSE debit or credit card.

If you interested to payment with electronics check or checking accounts, visit our resource suggested 2nd link. Select what’s types of your account enter your account number and other essential information to verify your account, after verify enter your echeck number and others checking account information. Verify your entered information and finally access the conformation message.

If you have online account you may login account to pay bill online, enroll for paperless billing and others. See the link Resource. For more information, you may call at (800) 409-2365.

Pay by Phone

If you would like make your payment by phone, there are phone payment facilities for $1.75. This means, you must pay $1.75 for each transaction. To payment by phone call at (800) 950 2356 and follow its direction.

Pay by Postal mail

Southern California Edison payment center mailing address is Southern California Edison, P.O. Box 600, Rosemead, CA 91771-0001. So send to the check or bank draft its mailing address.


JPMorgon Chase Pay Connexion
Pay with Checking account or Electronic Check
Registered Customer Login to pay bill

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