How to Pay School Meal Online by My Nutrikids

My Nutrikids is an online prepayment service provider for your kids to school meals in the USA. There are contacts with many schools, and contacted school food service or cafeteria administrators also offer you to pay lunch bill online. Currently, the online payment processor doesn’t support other school fees, such as semester fees, etc. It’s only processing meal bills online. On the My NutriKids website, students and parents can be interactive view menus. Follows the following direction set up and how to you add fund online.

1. Go to the My NutriKids website, see the Resource sector.
2. Sign in to your account with username and password; if you are the first time, you need to sign up for an online store.
3. To sign up, click the Sign-Up link below the login button.
4. Search your kid’s school with zip code and other personal information. After completing the registration process, log in to your account.
5. Click the “PROFILE” menu at the level of the Home menu.
6. Click the ADD CHILD button to enter your Kid student ID, the first letter of the first name, and the first letter of username.
7. Click the search button toa students in your account. If you want to add one more student to your account, search again, and add one more student.
8. After logging in student, click the “Deposit Money” button and calculate it in the ter amount for each student.
9. Click the Make Deposit button and enter your banking (payment) information. The website support sport VISA, Master, American Express, Discover credit and debit card, PayPal account, etc.
10. Finally, click the “Pay Now” button and complete the payment process.
11. Or contact your kid’s school food service administrator for related purposes.


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