How to pay Lowe’s Consumer Bill Online

Lowe’s is one of the popular home improvement retailers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It was founded in 1946 by Lucius S. There are several types of credit card for its consumer, if you have a Lowe’s credit card you may use its in store and online to shop. But you need pay its bill timely before due date. You need a checking account to pay your credit card bill. However, if you want to make your payment online follows the following directions.


1. Visit the Lowe’s credit card online bill pay center, see the link Resource. There are two options such as Returning users and new users.
2. Returning users means existing users, if you are an existing user, login your account.
3. To login your account, put your user id and click Sing In button.
4. In the Next steps, press your password to login.
5. If you are first time user, you need registration to access your account online. Click the right side “Register and Activate” button. And complete the sing up process. After all, login your account.
6. For first time user need to add a checking account with simple registration process. To add a checking account, click the “Pay Online” option, it will be promote to add a checking account.
7. You need your checking account number, bank name, routing number and others to complete add checking account.
8. Once if you have completed, click the “Pay Online” button and select your checking account, if you don’t wish to pay with this checking account you may setup a new checking account.
9. In the next steps, put the payment amount and payment due date.
10. Finally click the “Authorization” button to successfully make the payment.


Lowe’s Online Pay

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