How to pay Los Angeles Parking Ticket

Parking violation or wrong parking is increased day by day with combination of increased cars in metropolitan area or city areas. Los Angeles is not difference from this problem. Huge of car owners punished for wrong parking every day in Los Angeles, not only in Los Angeles, the problems are worldwide. Recent years ago, the Los Angeles’s mayor James K. Hahn announced online perking ticket submit service to save time. This means if you have punished for wrong parking or others cause in Los Angeles you may pay fine online. Not only online there is also postal mail pay, pay in person and pay by phone options. For payment by phone, via us mail or physically you may contact with Patrick Lee, Office of the Mayor, James K. Hahn, 200 N. Spring St. Room 300, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA. Phone; 1-213-978-0741. The online payment details are below-

Pay Online

1. If you like to make payment online, visit the Los Angeles mayor official website (see the link in Resource). Be sure the online payment isn’t free; you must pay $2.00 charge for each transaction.
2. Enter the 11 digits ticket number, the ticket number appear in the top side of punished ticket.
3. Enter your payment amount if you want to pay partial payment.
4. Enter the payment information, the website access VISA and Master cards, so enter your card number, expire date and security code.
5. If your payment related information has validated, you will access conformation message that your payment has been made successfully.
6. Print the conformation message page for future.
7. For more information call at 1-866-561-9742.


Los Angeles Parking Ticket

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