How to pay Florida City Gas Bill

Florida City Gas is the natural gas services providers to Mimi-Dade and Brevard counties residential and commercial peoples. In the both county there are nearly 0.11 million customers which using its service regularly. So if you are living its service coverage area, you can be using its natural gas service. On the other hand, if you have not gas for your new resident or business, you may call (888) 325-5325 to get new connection. However if you have a Florida City Gas connection you pay its bill online or other ways.

Pay online

If you’d like to online payment, there are online secure payment service, where you register to make payment online, view your bill online, view payment history, setup multiple accounts and manage it. To pay online follows the following directions.
1. Go to the Florida City Gas official website (see the website link in Resource).
2. Click the “Pay Your Bill Online” and login with user id and password.
3. If you are not registered, firstly complete the registration process. To register click the “New User? Register” link and fill up the registration form. After submit, it will be send a conformation message in your email, so firstly complete email conformations.
4. After email conformation, it will be promote to add an account. If you have multiple accounts you will setup here, if you need to remove the previous added account, go to your account dash board and click the “Manage Account” and remove an account.
5. After all, login your account. If you have setup paperless bill you’ll receive paperless bill via email. Same a copy are available in your online account, so click the view bill button to view.
6. Click the pay bill now and enter your payment information such as payment amount, banking information if you use checking or saving account, card information if your debit, credit or other ATM cards.
7. Once made successfully, you’ll receive conformation message via email.

Pay by Phone

There are Western Union Speedpay systems, for make payment by phone. To subscribe western union speedpay or pay bill now call at 1-866-58-5031. On the other hand, if you want pay by US mail send your payment to; Florida City Gas, PO Box 11812, Newark, NJ 07101-8112.


Pay Florida City Gas bill Online

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