How to Pay Chicago Water Bill

Chicago government offers various bill payment options for the people of its area. Actually there are lots of services; water supply service is the common service of all city governments. So if you live in the city of Chicago, you need to pay its water bill, parking tickets, etc. My present topic suggests how to pay your water bill easily. See the details briefly in the below-

There are online, by phone, postal mail or US mail, pay with EZ pay stations and pay in person, etc. options. For example, if you want to pay by Chicago EZ pay station, visit the nearest EZ station and make payment electronically. All EZ pay stations accept cash, credit or debit card, and check. If you want to make your payment by phone, you can call at 1-312-744-4426 and follows its instructions. Always charge applicable for each payment by phone. If you sent your payment via US mail or postal mail, you might send it to; Citi of Chicago- Department of Finance, P.O Box 6330, Chicago, IL 60680-6330. To pay in person, visit your nearest payment center. There are Chicago southwest side (4770 S. Kedzie), south side (2006 E. 95th St.), north side (2550 W. Addison St), city hall (121 N. LaSalle) and Loop (400 W. Superior St.) and others locations different payment offices where you payment bill in any office hours.

On the other hand, if you like to make your payment online, follow the following directions.

1. Visit the Chicago Online Water Payments application website; see the website link in Resources.
2. Put your user id and password in the login required box and click the login button to login into your account.
3. If you have not username and password, firstly complete the registration processes by click the “Register Now button. But if you like to payment without registration, choose its easy pay option.
4. For easy pay, enter your account information in the first steps, such as valid email address, water account number, address, amount, etc.
5. In the next steps, verify the entered information if need moderation presses the back button.
6. Choose a payment method. If you chose debit/credit card payment, Choose the payment method put your card number, expiry date, and security code.
7. In the next steps, verify and confirm the payment. You’ll receive a confirmation message in the next final steps.
8. For the registered customers, enter the account number that you wish to payment bill, payment amount, select payment method, and enter the required information. Finally, confirm the payment to make payment successfully.


Chicago Online Water Payments application website

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