How to Create or Login to the University of Florida Webmail

The University of Florida provides free webmail services for each student, applicant, or staff. So if you are a student at the University of Florida, you may sign up or log in to its webmail. There are a user-friendly webmail template and layout that you may use to check, sent, or compose the email. On the other hand, if you have lots of mail-in inboxes, you may view it by archive- monthly, yearly, or others. If you are new to the webmail, we believe the following information will be helping you.

New User

A new user needs to complete the registration process online to use the webmail. To complete the registration process, follow the following directions.
1. Visit the University of Florida webmail website. See the link in Resource.
2. Click the login button.
3. In the next window, click the “Gator Link Account Creation” link. The link appears on the bottom side of the Login box.
4. In the next steps, enter your eight digits UF ID (of id is your last eight digits social security number), your last name, date of birth in the required field, and click the Continue button.
5. Choose your email address username. For example, if you choose as your email address, then your username is lydiaware. But you need to select from the available list.
6. Create your password. Never use your phone number as a password.
7. Setup security questions and answer them and fill up the other required information field.
8. Overall, log in to your account, and enjoy its webmail service.

Existing user

Go to the Resource suggested link, and click the Login button. You’ll go to direct webmail login to enter your Gator Link user name and password and press the Login button. If you can’t log in to your account, you may call 1-352-392-1365 for assistance.


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