How to Control My Lunch Money Online

My Lunch Money offers parent can be manage their student meal online with using its website. It online management includes setup up spending limits daily or weekly, cash account for meal etc. Not only limited here, parents can be view last two weeks student meal history, this means what time that purchased meal student, student balance history etc. Basically the online management systems are ease and convenience. To control student meal online you need firstly login your account.

1. To login My Lunch Money account visit its official website; see in the Resource area.
2. Login with username and password, your email address is your username.
3. Click the “Meal Controls” submenu under Account menu. Shortcut= Account>>Meal Control.
4. There are student name, spending limit and meal options, so mange here.
5. To view your student meal history, click the Meal History under Reports. Shortcut- Reports>>Meal History

For addition information you may call at (800) 479-3531.


My Lunch Money

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