How to Access Winn Dixie's My Pay Stubs Online

If you are a Winn Dixie worker and signed up for the direct deposit, you will access online historical information. According to Winn Dixie’s pay stubs, online portals can access their confidential information and make changes to the payroll systems. Winn Dixie is a subsidiary pharmacy chain of BI-LO holding LLC in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi. There are over 63 thousand employees who are working in different positions.

To access the portal, visit our Resource suggested Winn Dixie Pay Stubs link and log in to your account, not yet registered. Firstly, complete the registration process, then log in. If any problems, we make available the following questions answer.

Asked questions and online help

Q. What is the default payment option of Winn Dixie?
A. There are two ways payment options such as paycheck and direct deposit. If you have not set up a payment option, then you’ll receive a paycheck.

Q. How do I set up direct deposit?
A. If you’d like to set up a direct deposit, you need to contact your supervisor or the HR department.

Q. How do I see pay stubs online?
A. If you are working at Winn Dixie, you may access its pay stubs online at

Q. I have set up the direct deposit option, but I don’t access my payment.
A. You need to wait up to 24 hours. If it has not been deposited, you need to contact your payroll dept banking services providers.

Q. I have not a bank account, but how do I cash my paycheck?
A. If you have not a bank account, you can not cash your paycheck, firstly open a bank account (same name) and try to cash it. Some bank doesn’t support previous issue dated check then you need to re-issue your paycheck. To re-issue the compensation, contact your payroll dept.


Winn Dixie’s My Pay Stubs

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  1. I am no longer an employee of winn dixie anymore but i need to access my pay stubs. How do i go about doing that since i dont have access to the portal anymore?

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