How to Access Ocala Parent Portal

Ocala is the major metropolitan city of Marion County in Florida. Over 50 thousand people live in the city, and educational systems are not inadequate in this city. There are lots of high schools and university colleges. On the other hand, it is also known as home to the college of central Florida. Suppose your children study in Marion County, any public high school. In that case, you may access the Marion County school parent portal for various purposes such as your child’s school attendance, due or unpaid fees, test scores, and other purposes school and district notice. Overall it provides individual student information. But you have must legal guardianship of students to access student confidential information individually.

So if you want to access the county parent portal, you must contact your child’s school’s data clerk to verify legal guardianship, photo identity and receive the account number and password. There are simple forms that are you need to fill up physically. Once id you have completed the school process, you need to activate your account online. Follows the following directions to first time activate and access parent portal account.

1. Visit the Ocala City or Marion County school district website’s parent portal. See the portal link in Resource.
2. There are two options, such as Parent Portal Login and Parent Portal Account Activation. If you are the first time, click the Click the parent portal activation link. Otherwise, click the parent portal login button and enter your account number as a login name and password.
3. To activate, firstly, agree to the portal terms of services or user agreements.
4. In the next windows, enter your account number, password in the required box.
5. It will promulgate to set up a new username and password in the next steps.
6. Select and answer security questions. Overall has been completed to log in to your account and add student.
7. To add a student, click the My Students tab and put your child’s student id number, last name, birthday, etc. You entered student id data with its systems, and you’ll receive the student’s successfully added message. If you think it’s not easy to contact your child’s school data clerk for any parent, portal-related bits of help.


Ocala Parent Portal

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