How to Access My Florida License Portal

Florida department of business professional regulation, also known as DBPR, provides a license portal to license-related services online. Both new license applicants and existing license holders may create their online accounts to access DBPR online service. For example, a new applicant may online apply for a new license, view her/his application status online, search exam-related information, make payment online, etc. An existing license holder may add his or her consent to online service access, such as making payment online, applying to renew the permit, updating profile (address), and using another license and other additional purposes. So we say everything about the portal is helpful for Floridian people.

You may ask me how to join the portal with your existing license or first-time applicant. Hey guys, there is an online portal where you quickly sign up. However, I discuss here steps by steps for both clients individually.

New Applicant
1. Visit our Resource Suggested link. It is the actual link to My Florida License Portal.
2. Click the left side “Apply for a New License” link in the Public Services Column.
3. In the next steps, many list professions list, so choose and click the own profession link.
4. In the next steps, select your profession subtitle. For example, if you are working as an Athlete Agent, there are different policies subtitles, so choose one from the list.
5. Next steps will show applicant requirements, so read carefully and click the “Apply Using Online Service” link. If you want to apply physically, then click the printable application link and print out. It will re-directly go to the main menu page.
6. Click the “Create My Account” link from the left side menu.
7. Fill up the user registration form with your name, email address, etc., and click the Next button.
8. In the next steps, verify your entered information. If needed, modify click the edit button. Otherwise, click the save button to continue the application process.
9. The system will be sent a temporary password via email, so use your email address as the username and temporary password to login into your account. After login, you can change the temporary password.

Existing License Holder
1. To link your existing license, click the “Link an Existing License to My Account.”
2. Select your license type, enter the license number, and click the Next button.
3. Enter your last four digits employee id number in the Initial Activation Code required field and put captcha visual code.
4. In the next steps, click the add button or modify and click the Previous button.
5. If completed, you will receive a confirmation message on the next screen. Then press the following button to complete the registration process.
6. For more help, you may call at 1- 850.487.1395.


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