How to Access Gwinnett Parent Portal

Gwinnett County Public Schools provide Gwinnett Parent portal or go2 Parent Portal to monitor its student academic development and performance online for legal guardians. If your children study in Gwinnett County Public Schools, you’ll access the following confidential information such as-

 Details of course with topics name, references etc
 Classes, test or others schedules
 Attendance or School present details with calendar
 Earned scores of test or exam, grades etc
 Discipline records, if your child has been violated the school rules, then punishment details.

You also signup to access others confidential information, just contact your child schools data clerk. Basically everything is needs to increases your child performance in school. So if you want to signup for its parent there are simple physical and online steps that you need complete. Both steps details are below-

Physical Steps-

You need to fill up a portal registration form physically to verify legal guardianship; the form is available at your children school’s data clerk and it website. If you download the form online, firstly fill up and submit it person. School administrator or data clerk will verify your application, if your application has been approved you will receive a token number and a user id via email. If your application has been denied, you need contact again with data clerk.

Online Steps-

Their online step is not difficult, just click the email suggested link or visit our Resource suggested link. Next steps are below-
1. If you are new user, enter your portal user id and password to login portal account.
2. First time user, click the register a new account link and read carefully and agree its terms and condition
3. In the next steps; put your child school provided token number, user id student date of birth and click submit button.
4. Create password, choose security questions and answer it, once if you have completed all steps login your account access your children academic progress.


Gwinnett Parent Portal

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