How to Access Focus Portal of Bayshore High School

Bayshore High School offers the FOCUS portal for student’s parents to access their child’s attendance, grades, and other information from home. If your child studies in the Bayshore High School, you’ll access the portal. But you have a legal guardian of the student as the portal will be shared with your confidential documents. However, there are two ways to apply the Focus portal, i.e., online and printed copy. If you want to use it physically or via postal mail, there is a parent portal access authorization form (available on its website and office). Just file out the authorization form. The portal administrator will be sent a temporary username and password within 72 hours. On the other hand, if you want to access or online, apply, follow the following directions.

1. Visit the Bayshore High School’s focus parent portal (see in the Resource).
2. There are three links: don’t have an account, have an account, and forget the password.
3. If you are the first time, click the first link and enter your name, email address, etc.
4. In the next steps, you need to add a student, so inter your child’s student id, date of birth, etc.
5. If you like to add another student, click the add another child button; otherwise, click the “I’m Finished” button to complete the first stage of the registration process.
6. You’ll see a confirmation message in the next windows with a temporary username and password, so save or print the temporary username and password.
7. Here are the login links on the bottom side of this window. So click the link and enter the temporary username and password. After login into your account, you can change your password.
8. If you are already a user, go to the and press your username and password.


Focus Portal

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