How to Access Effingham County School’s Parent Portal

Effingham County School dept offers infinity campus portals. Not only here, but there are also different types of campus portals for students and their parents—both access information individually. Basically, there are 13 schools, so if you have a child and study in any Effingham County School, you may access or view students confidential information online such as-

Notice board or message in the inbox, for example- school notice, district notice, etc
View your child grades or score
Check attendance with calendar, reports, course schedule, assessment details, etc.
Unpaid fees and other related information

But all access you need to log in, or enrollment is an online website. Now see some steps that will help you to create or login to the Effingham County school parent portal. Note; if you are not a legal guardian, don’t try to access student confidential information as it’s always punishable by US government Low.

1. Ready to access the Effingham County School (Infinite Campus) parent portal; visit its official portal website (see in the Resource).
2. login with your user id and password, not yet registered. You need registration first.
3. To register, you need to contact your child’s school’s data clerk as there are no systems to create an online account.

Some school’s data clerk email addresses are below, where you send an email for any assistance of the parent portal account. for Effingham County High school for Effingham County Middle school for South Effingham High school for South Effingham Middle school for South Effingham Elementary school for Ebenezer Middle school for Ebenezer Elementary school for Blandford Elementary school for Guyton Elementary school’s parents for Marlow Elementary school for Rincon Elementary school for Sand Hill Elementary school for Springfield Elementary


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