How Do I Put Google Adsense Code in The Middle of Blogger Posts

In the first of the running years, Google has been changed its Adsense placement policy as massive AdSense publishers have lost their AdSense account for several ads placing purposes, such as putting to misleading labels, unnatural attention, leading to accidental clicks, placing ads below of post title, and others. So we need to now avoid all deceptive ad placement on our website if we have planning to continue with Google Adsense. The present article shown how we place ads avoids tricky placement.

1. Create your Adsense ads unit. It’s available under the “My Ads” tab in the Google Adsense account dashboard.
2. Convert the generated ads code to use in Blogger. Many websites offer free online ad code convert, and I always use blog templates to convert ads (see in the Resource section).
3. Log in to your blogger account and go to the “Template” from the dropdown menu.
4. Download the backup file of your Templates. After download, it closes the window.
5. There are two options, such as Customize and Edit HTML. Click the Edit HTML.
6. Click the “Proceed,” then it will open Template in HTML. Tick the Expand Widget Templates box.
7. Hold “Ctrl” and press the “F” button from your keyboard to access the search or find a box.
8. Cope and paste the code in the search box-

9. Replace the code with the following codes-

Replace the line with your converted Adsense code.

10. Finally, click the Save Templates button to complete ads placement.


Ads Code Converter
HTML code source
Ads Placement Policies

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