Friday Parent Portal Access Guide

Ocean County Vocational Technical School provides school portal for its student’s parents. Basically it is a public vocational and technical education basis school district that located in Ocean County, New Jersey. In the modern era, the technical and vocational learning is always best than other general programs. Huge of parents like to teach in technical or vocational program. Once it was disgusting and talent student does not participate in the program. Now the concept has been changed, not only in American parents; China, India and others countries people also like technical and vocational teaching. However, now we come back to our main topic that how do you access Friday Parent Portal.

If you want to access the Friday Parent Portal, firstly you need complete the registration process. To registration, you need to contact your child school administrator or data clerk. Now you can questions that, what advantage you’ll receive if you registration for parent portal. Actually there are lots of advantages such as-

1. Access online your child school and district notice.
2. View your students score or grades.
3. View notification about your child unpaid fees.
4. Check attendants, class schedule and others information.

Coming soon the portal will be lunch realtime parent portal. Once if you have registered to the parent portal follows the following directions to access your portal account. If you have any question to access, you may sent to mail (
1. Visit the Ocean County Vocational Technical School official website. (see the website link in Resource)
2. Click the upper side “Parent Portal” link under the Quick Link button.
3. Then you’ll go Friday Parent Portal website. Otherwise you may visit directly
4. Enter the required information such as username, password, and school code, finally click the “Enter Portal” button.
5. Use the convenience tools to view essential information. For technical help or other purpose call at 732-244-1122.



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