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How to Pay Xcel Energy Bill Online

Xcel Energy is an electricity and natural gas services providers in some states of the USA, such as Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, etc. There are over 5 million gas and electric customers. There are different payment locations, both online and in-store customer service, for other states’ huge of customers. Any residential or small business customers can make the payment on their website. For example, you live in Michigan state and using Xcel natural gas, and then you’ll pay its bill statewide. There is a local store, pay by phone service, and online everything is statewide to pay the bill. On the other hand, there are online one time and automatic payment systems. See here the online payment directions briefly.

There are two suggested websites where you’ll pay bills, such as Xcel Energy’s website and My check Free. If you like to pay by My Check Free, visit our resources suggested 2nd link and follow its instructions.

1. Visit the Xcel Energy official website; see the website link in Resources.
2. Log in to your account with your user id and password. But new users need simple registration to online bill pay. Not only here, but you will also sign up for paperless bills and more.
3. To register, visit the right side registration suggested link and enter the billing information available in your paper bill’s last month.
4. Click the “Pay My Bill” button on your account home page.
5. Choose your payment option; there are one time and auto payment options. If you want to set up an automatic payment service, select “Auto Pay,” click the Go button, and enter your baking information. Otherwise, choose One Time Pay and press debit card or credit card information.
6. The website also accepts visa, master, American express, discover, etc., credit or debit cards.
7. If you want to make your payment by phone, you may call at 1-800-895-4999, and to help with My Check Free payment, you may call at 1-888-212-9342.


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How to Pay CenterPoint Energy Bill Online

One of the significant natural gas and electricity suppliers’ name is CenterPoint Energy in the USA. Their service also covers Arkansas, Houston, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. On the other hand, the company is also is known by different names in different locations, such as it was known as Arkla in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Northern Louisiana. Known as HL&P in Houston, Entex in Texas, Mississippi, and southern Louisiana, and known as Minnegasco in Minnesota. As Arkla, Entex, HL&P, Minnegasco was in conjunction with CenterPoint energy. It is also known as Reliant Energy, NorAm energy, HL&P, etc. There are enormous remarkable subscribers. By the way, any regional customers can pay bills using its website. Online payment systems are also less cluttered. So if you wish to pay a bill online, follow the subsequent guidelines.

There are one-time and automatic payment options online. Not only limited here, but you may also enjoy paperless billing, charge-free payment (must use a checking or saving account), pay with debit or credit card. If you set up automatic payment systems, then you make a payment schedule to pay automatically from your account.

1. Visit the CenterPoint official, see in the Resource.
2. There are login required boxes on the right side of the home page. So if you already registered, log in to your account. Otherwise, complete the registration process by click on the Register link.
3. For the first time, users need to select their region by click the Change Region option. It is located below the CenterPoint Energy monogram.
4. After completing the registration process, log in to your account.
5. To pay the bill now, click the “Pay Now” button located on the upper side of your account details.
6. Enter the required information such as payment amount, checking, savings account information/credit or debit card number, etc.
7. If you want to set up an automatic payment, you must sign up for online billing, sign up for online billing, select “Automatic Bank Draft,” and enter checking or savings account-related information.

If you need extra help, you may use the following phone numbers
Arkansas- 1- 800-992-7552
Houston- 1- 713-659-2111
Louisiana- 1- 713-207-2222
Minnesota- 1- 612-372-4727
Mississippi- 1- 800-371-5417
Oklahoma – 1- 866-275-5265
Texas- 1- 800-376-9663