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How to Pay Baltimore City Water Bill

Baltimore is a famous city of Maryland where are living nearly .635 million residential people. Recently the city’s government lunched online bill payment service for numerous purposes such as tax, perking tickets, water bill etc. So if you live in the city, you’ll enjoy the online service. Their online bill payment system is easy and free. For example, if you pay bill with your checking account then there are no convenience charges, but if you pay with debit or credit card then there are difference charges for different amount bill. Generally $2.95 charge applicable for under $100 bull amount. By the way if you interested to online payment follows the following directions.

To payment online, you’ll need the following subjects-

1. An internet connection PC, laptop or notebook.
2. Bill related information such as account number.
3. Banking information, it also supports checking account, visa, master debit or credit card.
If everything is ready, visit our Resources suggested link, and enter your account number or service address. Click get info button. If your entered information matched with its systems then you will re-directly go to payment secure website. Where need to enter payment amount, banking information etc to complete payment online.

There are also pay in person, pay by phone and pay by postal mail options. If you want to pay by phone, you may call at (866) 397 4609 and follows it instructions. Payment by mail, send to City of Baltimore Bureau of Revenue Collections, PO Box 17535, Baltimore, MD 21297-1535.


Baltimore Water Bill

How to Use Instagram in Your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android Phone

Instagram is an image/photo sharing application for iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone and others. The application is available your device related website for free; for example, if you want to use Instagram in your iPhone, iPod from apple then you may download the application from iTunes store, if you want to use the Instagram in your Android phone then the application is available on Google Play. Actually Instagram firstly post to Instagram online then there are sharing option to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and social media. Now huge of developer created Instagram is available online such as created by Kevin Systrom, created by Josh Duggar, by MK Design etc. However follows the following direction to use in your device.

1. Download the Instagram apps from your device provided website, such as iTunes store for apple powered phone. You must have install iTunes application in your device if you download from iTunes store.
2. Install and run in your device. After run in your device you need online free sign up to use the application.
3. To sign up, click the “Sign Up’ button from your application home page. The Sing Up button is located in the Instagram application home page.
4. In the Registration page, put the required information such as username, phone number, email address, and upload photo etc and click “Register” button.
5. Next steps will suggest import contact list from facebook, if you don’t wish you may skip this setup.
6. Next steps will re-suggest to following user, to follow clock the follow button, if completed click done button.
7. Now you may use the Instagram application (you must have internet connection)
8. There are five tools icon in the bottom side of your screen. You may use any tools. For example, if you want to share picture, click the Camera icon and choose where you share, there are two option such as Camera and Photo Gallery, if you want to share with webcam select the camera option. It will automatically run device webcam or camera and store picture. There are some filter that you apply on your photos, If completed it will suggest share with social media, so select social media and share or publish your picture.