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How to Pay School Meal Online by My Nutrikids

My Nutrikids is an online prepayment service provider for your kids to school meal in the USA. There are contacts with lots of schools, and contacted school food service or cafeteria administrators also offer you to pay lunch bill online. Currently the online payment processor doesn’t support others schools fees such as semester fees etc. It’s only processing meal bill online. In the My NutriKids website, student and parents can be view interactive menus. Follows the following direction set up and how to you add fund online.

1. Go to the My NutriKids website, see the Resource sector.
2. Sign in to your account with username and password; if you are first time, you need to sign up for an online account.
3. To sign up click the Sign Up link in the below of LOG IN button.
4. Search your kid’s school with zip code and others personal information. After complete the registration process login your account.
5. Click the “PROFILE” menu in the level of Home menu.
6. Click the ADD CHILD button enter your Kid student ID, first latter of first name and first latter of last name.
7. Click the search button to add student in your account. If you want to add one more student in your account search again and add one more students.
8. After adding student, click the “Deposit Money” button and enter amount for each student and calculate it.
9. Click the Make Deposit button and enter your banking (payment) information. The website also support VISA, Master, American Express, Discover credit and debit cards, paypal account etc.
10. Finally click the “Pay Now” button and complete payment process.
11. Or contact your kid’s school food service administrator for related purpose.


My NutriKids

How to Control My Lunch Money Online

My Lunch Money offers parent can be manage their student meal online with using its website. It online management includes setup up spending limits daily or weekly, cash account for meal etc. Not only limited here, parents can be view last two weeks student meal history, this means what time that purchased meal student, student balance history etc. Basically the online management systems are ease and convenience. To control student meal online you need firstly login your account.

1. To login My Lunch Money account visit its official website; see in the Resource area.
2. Login with username and password, your email address is your username.
3. Click the “Meal Controls” submenu under Account menu. Shortcut= Account>>Meal Control.
4. There are student name, spending limit and meal options, so mange here.
5. To view your student meal history, click the Meal History under Reports. Shortcut- Reports>>Meal History

For addition information you may call at (800) 479-3531.


My Lunch Money

How to Pay Lunch Money Online

My Lunch Money is an online prepayment services provider for school meal in the United States. For example, you may pay advanced your child cafeteria or food service bill by My Lunch Money online. There are lots of listed schools where you pay by My Lunch Money. Basically it’s easy and low fees service, only there are $1.95 convenience fee. So if you interest to pay your child school cafeteria fees with My Lunch Money, you need complete its online registration process. Follows the following directions to pay by My Lunch Money.

1. Go to the My Lunch Money official website; see the website link in Resource.
2. Login with your email address and password, otherwise complete registration process, to register enter your select your child school, enter your personal information and others. Add a student in your account, to add enter your child name, id number etc.
3. Once, all has been completed login your account and you’ll appear Parent Home Page, where you see your child (student) account current balance. Here you see “Fund Account Now” button in the side top of balance and click the button.
4. If you are first time, it will be show warning message and it will be promote to add credit card. Enter your card related information such as card number, expires date, your billing address etc. The website also support master, VISA and discover credit card.
5. If you don’t see “Fund Account Now” in the top of balance, you can click the “Fund Student” under Fund tab.
6. Enter payment amount, and others payment related information and conform it to complete add fund.
7. If you have set up Smart pay, My Lunch Money will be taken fund automatically in your my Lunch Money account before empty balance. If you dislike smart pay options, you may email notification when your balances lower than $8.00.
8. For more information you may call (800) 479-3531.


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