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How to Pay Florida Power & Light Bill Securely

FPL is an electricity generator, transmission, and distribution company in Florida. It is the subsidiary company of NextEra Energy Inc. There are nearly 4.5 million customers in Florida who are using its electricity regularly. Sometimes its customers see fraud activities when they go to bill in various ways. I here to describe possible ways where your payment has not to chance to miss. But here is a condition don’t share your password and secure information (such as account number, social security number, etc.) with others. Don’t try to pay from local computers as some hackers use password recovery software with a browser.

Pay Online

There are free online payment options where you pay securely. And the company doesn’t share your banking information with a 3rd party. However, you need to online access your account to online bill pay. To payment online, follows the following directions.
1. Go to the FPL online center. See the link in Resource.
2. Enter your user id, and password in the login required field and click the login button.
3. If you are the first time, you need to register to access your account online firstly.
4. There is another way that you can subscribe to receive eBill.
5. Be sure you have a valid email address, the last four digits of your social security number, and the FPL account number. FPL account numbers are located top side of the recent bill; firstly, check it out.
6. To register as a first time user, click the right side Register Now button.
7. Put your FPL account and the last four digits of your social security number. Click the continue button.
8. In the next steps, enter your personal information and accept its terms and conditions by tic the “I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions.”
9. Finally, click the “Activate Online Access” button to complete the registration process. It can be taken up to one day to activate your account online.
10. Once if you have complete the registration login, your account and click the “Pay Now” button and enter your banking information such as bank account number, bank routing, etc., to complete the payment process.

Pay by Phone

There are Western Union Speedpay systems where you pay with credit or debit card; you may call 1-800-979-3967 to setup western union Speedpay. There are some charges applicable. On the other hand, you may pay directly by phone with a checking account. To payment by checking account, call 1-800-226-5885, and follow its instructions.

Pay by Postal Mail

If you are interested in a pay your bill by postal mail, you may send payment to;
FPL, General Mail Facility, Miami, FL 33188-0001.


FPL Online payment center