Sling Broadband in North America

Sling Broadband is a nationwide broadband high-speed internet and phone or digital voice service provides in North America. There are unlimited call plans for your business, PABX, SIP, etc., voice plans, and high-speed internet services. According to its website, it’s one of the ten most extensive North American networks that offer 99.999% reliable services. But its online services are not acceptable. Its online clientele is facing unpleasant situations to pay online bills or chat with customer service. There are online support centers that are slow. For example, if you want to its support center, you must submit a ticket by its client area and wait up to 48 hours for an answer.

Sling Broadband services are available in some North American cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. So if you interest in online order and payment, your bill follows the following directions.

[Note; Someclientst and people complain against its 99.999% service reliability. The complaint is available in Ripoff Report, YouTube, and another different website]

For online orders, visit the Sling Broadband website. See the link in Resource.
Click on the “Order Now” category
Find out the package that you wish and click the order button.
You will see the total price with setup fees and others.
Click on the “check out” button to purchase online.
If you first time enter your personal information
Select payment methods. There are three payment options, such as IP. Pay, ACH, and mail-in payment. So chose the payment methods. And enter your banking or card information.
Accepts its terms of service by clicking the “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” box.
Click the Complete Order button.
You will receive a confirmation email, so check your email inbox.

Suppose you are already clientele, login to its client area, and find out the service you want to renew. For more information, call (866) 617-5464.

Sling Broadband

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