How to setup TDs Email

TDS is the broadband and wireless internet service prodders in the USA which offer free webmail for its internet customers. However if you have an email account from you set up your email account with Microsoft outlook, Google provided Gmail, windows mail, apple mail and others. It is not difficulties for example, if you want to set up your email account Microsoft outlook, firstly you’ll needed enable POP option for all mail. To enable POP option and setup your email account with Microsoft Outlook follows the following directions.

1. Visit the TDS customer portal. (See the portal link in Resources).
2. Click on the “Check TDS ® Email” button in the upper right side of portal home page.
3. You’ll access TDS secure login option in the next windows. Where you login with your email ID and password. If you can’t access your account you may call at 1-800-605-1962 for technical helps.
4. If you are first time accept the Google TOS and click the “setting” options.
5. Click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option under setting.
6. Tick the Enable POP for all mail option and the bottom side Save Changes button.
7. Once if you have complete POP option, run and open Microsoft Outlook Express. Click the “Email account” under Tools menu. If don’t have the Email account submenu click the “Option” submenu under Tools. If you click on the select the “Option” submenu you will need click on the Mail Setup tab in the next window. In mail setup tab you’ll see “Email accounts…” button to set up email.
8. Tick the “Add a new e-mail account” and click the bottom side “Next” button.
9. Tick on the “POP3” option and click Next button.
10. In the next steps enter your name, email address, user name, password, and server information.
11. Enter “” in the incoming mail server information required field.
12. Put the “” in the outgoing mail server information entering required field.
13. Click on the “More Setting” and it will be open new window, where are 4 tab, click the last “Advanced” tab and type 465 in the POP3 required field, 995 in the SMTP required filed. There are default 110 in POP3 and 25 in SMTP required field.
14. Click the “Next” button to access finish message and complete email account setup. Restart the outlook program. Once if you have setup an email account the outlook systems will ask you to login your account.


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