How to Pay Teco Electric Bill

In Florida, TECO is the name of Tampa electric and People Gas. Basically TECO is the local electricity and natural gas provider in Florida. There are huge of customers which continuously use its energy services. Generally its customers needs to pay bill monthly before due date. In the Florida, there are lots of Vender which offers TECO bill payments online or others way. But there are minimum $4.95 charges. But if you pay your bill directly at TECO, you’ll no need to pay $5 for $500. And there are huge bill payment option like internet, phone and by mail. TECO various bill payments benefits are below-

Pay TECO electric bill online

There are e-bills, online bill payment through your bank, automatic online payment etc systems. For example, if you sign up for pay your bill at TECO e-bill center, you will pay multiple account bills online, make schedule to automatically payment your bill to pay before due date, view your bill online etc. The TECO e-bill center also access checking account, VISA and Master, discover, American express debit or credit card. So if you interest to payment your bill online follows the following steps.

1. Visit the TECO e-bill center. (See the e-bill center website link in the Resource).
2. Put your user ID and password in the required box to login your account.
3. If you don’t have user id and password you may online sign up for an e-bill account.
4. To create an e-bill account first time, click on the “New User” and enter your account number and meter number in the next window.
5. Click on the continue button, and enter your personal or business information, with and valid email ID, setup your card, or banking information to complete account creation process. Actually it’s fully free.
6. After login your account, view your bills, if you have multiple account you’ll see all account bill amount, due date etc.
7. There are Pay button in the action column. If you have multiple account tick on the account that you wish to pay your bill and click on the “Continue” button.
8. In the next steps, put your amount, if you want to setup automatic payment, you can put future payment amount, if you will leave the box, automatically pay maximum account. Setup payment schedule and chose payment methods. Click on the submit button.
9. If you have multiple account you need all account payment schedule to automatic pay. As all account are individuals.
10. Finally, view or truck your payment details. If you want to remove any account from your list visit the “Manage your accounts” tab if your dash board.

Pay TECO electric bill by Phone

There are bill payment options by phone. So if you want to pay your bill by call at 1-866-300-3069. But there are charges applicable; you’ll pay minimum $4.95 for each transaction.

Pay TECO electric bill by Mail

TECO payment center mailing addresses are “Tampa Electric Company, P.O. Box 31318, Tampa, Florida 33613-3318. So you may send your bank draft at the address before due date via local or US mail.


TECO e-bill center

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