How to pay TDS Telecom Bill Online

TDS Telecom is the internet and phone service providers for your home and business. The company was founded in 1969 as a subsidiary telecommunication company of Telephone and Data Systems (TDS). Now their services are available in rural, urban and suburban areas of over 30 states in the United States. Mainly there are dialup & broadband internet, phone and dish services. If you are a customer of TDS Telecom you make your bill online. Follow the following direction to payment your bill online.

There online bill payment service for free and guarantee. But some of payment processing company offers online TDS bill pay with low costs such as BillFloat, Charge Smart etc. If you pay with BillFloat there are nearly $5 charges but if you pay its website then it’s absolutely free.

1. Visit the TDS ePay or my account service, (the services website link in Resource)
2. Sign in with your email address and password. If you are first time you must sign up for an online account.
3. To sign up click the left side “Sign Up” button and enter your personal information, account number and registration id. Your account number and registration ID are located in your bill. So find out the registration and account number in the top right side of your bill.
4. If you doesn’t sign up for an account call at (866) 571-6662 for technical help.
5. After login your account, you must set up ePay account to pay your bill online.
6. To set up an ePay account, click on the “View/Pay Bill link.
7. In the next steps, read carefully the ePay terms and conditions and agree the terms and conditions.
8. Enter your valid email address in the required fields for successfully setup.
9. If you wish to payment bill same time click on the pay bill link in the left side payment menu.
10. Enter your payment amount, credit or debit card required information etc.
11. If you wish to payment your bill automatically click the “Automatic Payment” in the left side payment menu and your bank account or credit and debit card, payment amount, payment schedule to payment before due date etc.


TDS Telecom ePay

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