How to pay Springleaf Financial or American General Finance Bill

American General Finance is now Springleaf Financial that was founded in 1920. Basically the company provides different types of loan, insurance, business solution and other credit related products. Once it was over 1400 branch in the USA, UK, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, but it was attacked by global financial crisis in 2007, as result the company reported in 2008 that it has bee losses $130 million. Now there are nearly 900 branches as the company was closed over 500 branches after 2008. However, if you are a present customer of American General Finance, you may pay your bill at American General Finance website; pay in person, postal mail and via phone. All pay process are discussing briefly in the below-

Pay Online;
Actually the online payment process is convenience way, free and faster, so sees the following instructions to pay your bill online.

1. Visit the American General Finance bill payment website. See the website address in the Resource. You will need complete the 4 steps to payment your bill.
2. Put your account information account information such as your personal information, account number and last 4 digits of your social security number. Click the “Next” button.
3. Enter your payment information, such as amount, your check number and others banking (checking or savings account) information in the steps 2.
4. In the next steps, you’ll view your payment information, if no needed any click “Submit” button to submit your bill.
5. If your payment has been made successfully you’ll see conformation message in the next window. Print the conformation message for future.

Pay by phone
If you interested to payment your bill by phone, call at (800) 999-1009 and follows it systems instructions to payment the bill successfully.

Pay in person

If you want to pay in person, visit your nearest American General Finance branches, there are over 900 branches in the USA, UK and other locations. To find out your nearest location address online visit our Resource suggested link. On the other hand, you will setup direct pay option in a branch. Just contact a branch officer to setup direct pay or call at (800) 961-5577.

You will pay your bill by western Union and MoneyGram. To payment by western Union and MoneyGram contact your nearest agents.


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