How to Pay Sears Card Bill

Sears is a chain of departmental stores in the USA, and there are nearly 2500 retail stores. On the other hand, there are many customers, club members, etc. even the company offers master, private, and commercial cards for its different categories of customers or members. If you have a sears card and sign up for reward programs, you will earn one reward point for each 1 spend your card, which market prices are 1 cent. However, there are different types of cards, for example, Sears Master, credit card powered by Citibank, Sears credit card powered by Capital One Bank, and other types of cards that provide both banks. So if you use the Citibank provided a credit card, you need the credit bill payment in Citibank’s suggested website or locations. If you use the Capital One bank provided a credit card, you need the credit bill payment in the Capital One bank told website or areas.

Sears Master Credit card (powered by Citibank) bill payment instruction

There are mainly two ways to pay your Sears Master card bill. Such as online and postal mail. If you choose a postal mail service to pay your card bill, you must send your payment before a minimum of 10 days to the due date. Its payment center address is Sears MasterCard Payments, P.O. Box 183082, Columbus, OH 43218-3082. You are so sent to the bill before a minimum of 10 due dates at the payment address. If you want to pay your account online, follow the following instructions.

1. Visit the Citigroup provided account online website. (See the website link in Resource links no 1).
2. login with your username and password and select “Make a Payment” in the take to me the drop-down menu. Click the “Sign In” button to access the make payment page of your account dashboard directly.
3. If you have not previously created an online account or have not access in the last 18 months, you needed a complete registration process.
4. To create an account, enter your sears credit card number, account information, valid email address, add a fund, etc. After completing the registration processing into your account.
5. Enter the required field’s payment amount and select a payment account or card; you added a fund when you created an online payment account. This means yours was added to a checking account or debit card. As a result, you will see your checking account in the checking the account drop-down menu. If you don’t wish to use the checking account to pay the bill, you needed to add another card or account. For more technical information, call at 1-800-815-7701.
6. Click on the “Continue” button and verify the payment information. If the information is correct, press the “Make Payment” button—[Don’t try to pay your credit card bill after five pm and on holiday].

If your Sears credit card from Capital One

1. Go to the Capital One Financial Corporation website (see the website link in Resource no 2).
2. log in to your account with the user name and password. If you have not a username and password, you need registration first-time.
3. Click on the “Pay My Bill” in the payment due to the date column.
4. Put your checking account required information in the “Pay From” required fields.
5. Enter the payment amount, payment due date, and click the “bottom-side “Continue” button.
6. Verify the payment information and if no needed modify, click the “Approve” button to successfully make a payment.


Sears Card by Citigroup
Sears Credit card by Capital One

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