How to Pay Atmos Energy Bill

Atmos is one of the USA’s natural gas distributors, which has nearly 3.5 million nationwide customers. There are residential, commercial, and other gas uses customers. I’m here to describing the Atmos Energy bill pay systems. Lots of companies offered online Atmos bill pay. For example, bill float, which gives we pay your Atmos bill now, and you pay us later with standard and guarantee services. If you bill float guarantee service, you must extra $17 and other interest charges. I never use the bill float service, and I don’t know its reliability—Pageonce charges smart, which offers the same bill payment systems online.

Atmos customers may pay their bill 12 days before the due date. But lots of customers miss paying their bills timely and pay with late fees. But there are many ways you use to deliver your account timely without late payments, such as online, phone, and postal mail services.

Pay your Bill Online without any extra cost

If you pay your bill online via Atmo’s official website, you need to pay any extra charge. Atmos online bill payment systems are accessible, guarantee, and fasters. To pay online, follow the following steps.
1. Visit the Atmos energy account center. (See the account center link in Resource)
2. Log in to your account with the user name and password.
3. If you have not created an online account, you may freely set up an online store. To create an online store, you will need a valid email address, your gas account number, and social security number. If you don’t wish to use SSN, you may use another govt. id for example; your tax id, or divining license, etc. (Find the first time registration link in our Resource)
4. After login into your account, you will see several account managing options. For example, you set up multiple tabs in your online account to pay a bill, view bills, payments history, cancel service, etc.
5. To pay your bill, click on the Pay Bill tab.
6. Set your payment amount, autopay/one-time payment, your credit card, debit card or checking account information, etc. Atmos allows the VISA, Master, Discover, American Express credit and debit cards, online access checking accounts, etc., to pay your bill.
7. If you have multiple accounts, you must select a store to pay a bill.
8. If your payment has successful, you will confirm the message in the next window.
9. If you wish to payment your bill automatically, you may set up an automatic payment plan in your account dashboard. For additional help, call 888-286-6700 and press the # button on your phone when the system asks you to choose the one customer representative.

Pay by postal mail;

If you wish to payment your bill by postal mail, you may write and send your check or money order at the address-
Atmos Energy #790311
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone – 1-888-286-6700

Pay your Atmos Bill by Phone

If you want to pay your bill, you call at 888-286-6700 and follow its instructions as it’s a computer system. The system is access VISA, Master, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards to pay a bill.


Atmos energy online bill center

Sign up for an Atmos online account

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