How to make Rush Payment of your TDS Telecom Bill

If you wish to payment your bill within one hour, you can pay the tab on the TDS Rush payment website. There is a fixed charge of only $2.95 for each payment. If your pay with TDS ePay, there are needed 24-48 hours for price. On the other hand, if you choose the Rush payment options, you needed to create an online account. Just follows the following directions to rush payment.

1. Visit the TDS Rush payment website; see the link in Resource.
2. Enter your account information, such as your account number, control date, etc. Then, click the continue button.
3. Put your payment information such as payment amount, and others click the Continue button.
4. Enter your contact information, i.e., your billing address, phone number, etc.
5. Click the Continue button to access the next steps.
6. Choose the payment method, and enter your banking or credit and debit card information.
7. In the final steps, you will see payment information and confirmation of this payment.
8. Finally, print the confirmation message for the future. If you want to cancel Rush pay, click the Exit Rush Payment button any time before confirmation. Call at (866) 571-6662 for any technical help

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Rush Payment

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