How to check Embarq Email with Century Link

Embarq is the Century Link brand name, once it was an individual and one of the largest high-speed internet and phone service companies. In 2009, CenturyLink purchased the Embarq company with giant users. If you are a user of Embarq services (presently Century Link), you may check your email with CenturyLink website as like users. On the other hand, you may create when you choose a user name and @host name to create an email account. Follow the following steps to log in successfully to your email account.

1. Visit the CenturyLink email login website. See the website link in the Resource.
2. You will see the login boxes on the screen, where you need to enter your user name and password. For example, if your email id is, then put abc123 in the username box and select from the drop-down menu.
3. Click the login button.
4. If you have migrated your email account with, then select the
5. If you are the first time, you need to set up your account to create an email account.
6. Create your account, click the Create Account button on the email login page, and enter your account number, phone number, and others.
7. Access the CenturyLink email service uses terms and conditions.
8. And setup username (choose if you want to as domain or hostname), password to complete the email account creation process.
9. For more help, you may call at 1-800.366.8201.


Embarq Email

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