How to buy SafeLink phone card Or minutes Online

SafeLink is a brand name of Tracfone which is provides prepaid wireless phone service in the USA. Although it is prepaid phone service operator so you must recharge scratch or prepaid card to get free minutes. Actually there is no unlimited talk time option, that’s absolutely help to low incomes people. There are over seventy thousands retail location where you purchase SafeLink card physically. It’s available in the Wal-Mart, CVS, Kmart, Target etc common supermarket. On the other hand you may air time or minutes by phone, just call at (800) 378-1684 and follow its directions. There are website and vendor websites where you purchase online, vendor website means Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target etc online stores where you purchase online. However, if you interested to purchase online from SafeLink website follows the following directions.

1. Visit our Resource Suggested website.
2. Chose airtime package, there are three packages such as 200 minutes for 2 month for $19.99, 250 minutes for 90 days for $24.99 and 300 minutes for four month for $29.99.
3. Click on the “Buy Online Now” button.
4. In next steps you will see redirection notice for TracFone website, so click the Continue button.
5. Enter your 10 digits SafeLink phone number in the TracFone Telephone number required field.
6. Click “Continue to Checkout” button.
7. Next steps is Check-Out steps, where you need enter your billing address, payment method, if you choose credit card option you need to enter your credit card number, secret code and expire date.
8. Click on the “Continue” button.
9. You will see your transaction summary, and will show that the minutes added to your phone in the final steps.

If doesn’t work you need select package from TracFone website. Read our related article how to buy tracfone minutes online…


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