How to activate your Phone with C Spire online

C Spire is one of the ten largest wireless phone service providers in the United States, with nearly 1 million regular customers. There are different prices phone such as BlackBerry, iPhone 4 from Apple, iPhone 5 (coming soon), HTC one V, Motorola Photon Q 4GLTE, etc., with the 4G wireless network. There are different ways to activate phones, such as online, phone and in-store, etc. On the other hand, if the C Spire Wi-Fi is available in your area, you can be connected directly with your phone, but if Wi-Fi is not available in your area, you need to connect your phone with an internet connection n PC to set up Sync.

To activate your phone follows the following directions.
1. Firstly, fully charge your phone battery and place it on the phone.
2. Visit the C Spire Activating your device website. See the link in Resources.
3. Enter your ten digits phone number without country code, for example, 855-569-8474
4. Select the option that was from receiving the phone set. For example, if you bought online, select the 1st option, enter your order numbers, and the last four digits of your social security numbers.
5. If you received your phone from your internet service provider, choose the second option and enter your 12 digits claim number.
6. If the set is the replacement by warranty providers, enter your Warranty claim numbers and last four digits SSN.
7. And click the continue button and create an online account with personal information.
8. Once if you have created an account, firstly login to your account for faster activate.
9. For more information, you may call at (855) 277-4735 or dial *611.


C Spire Activating your device.

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