How to activate Apple One to One Membership

Apple offers one year one to one membership for its new customers. If you purchase any Apple products such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod or others from online or retail stores then you’ll setup the Apple one to membership service. Actually, the one to one service isn’t free, the membership service are available only for $99 and Apple one year one to one services for each product from the date of activation. For example, you have purchased an Apple iPhone today, and you signup for one to one membership service to you membership will expire 1 year later from today. One the other hand if you return any apple before expire trial period (there are 14 days trail period) your one to one membership will be deactivate and you’ll get refund one to one service charge. Once if you have one to one membership and it does expired you have one month chance renew or re-activate.

Eligibility of One to One activation

You need the following subject to activate apple one to one membership.
1. An internet connected Mac or iPad, if you try to with your desktop, you’ll fail to access the website.
2. A valid email address.
3. An activation code. If you purchase apple products online you received the activation code by email. But there are conditions that you must configure one to one service when you order online.

So if you ready to activate one to one membership online follows the following steps. Basically you have received full activate instruction via email when you configure for One to One membership.
1. Visit the apply One to One activate website with your Mac, iPad or iPod. See the link in Resource.
2. Click the “Get Started” button in the bottom side of the screen.
3. In the next steps, click on the “Activate your membership” button.
4. Put your one to one membership activation code, a valid email; create a new password, setup the security question and answer, select your date of birth in the required fields.
5. Click the bottom side “Continue” button.
6. In the final steps, you need make a reservation. To make reservation select nearest Apple stores, set the store visit time and click “Next” button to complete activation process.
7. For more information about one to one activation process call at 1-800-692-7753. If the information is helpful don’t forget to comment.


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