How to Access CloseCall American or Birch Voicemail Online

CloseCall America is a subsidiary company of MobilePro and phone and internet services provider in the United States which has transfer all service to Birch Communications on December 2010. Since 1999, the company operating phone and internet services for residential and business in the 48 states of America. There are huge of customer which using its phone network. If you have a CloseCall or Birch phone you setup your voice mail to access online or phone, this means you can be check be check your phone voice mail by online message center or by phone. See the following steps to setup and access voice mail online.

1. Firstly subscribes for voice mail service, to help to subscribing the voice mail service call at 877-812-5673.
2. When you subscribe for voice mail service then you received voice mail PIN number. You need the voice mail PIN number to login and access voice mail online.
3. If you have voice mail PIN visit the CloseCall America online message center. See the message center link in the resource.
4. Enter your telephone number and Voice mail in the login required box.
5. Click the bottom side “Login” button to login your account.
6. If you face problem to login you must contact to Birch customer service. Or try to recover your voice mail PIN number.
7. After login your account, you’ll view your voice mail box and listen voice mail.


You can login any to check your voice mail online.
Lower costs than by phone voice mail service.
You may listen previous voice mail (undeleted).


CloseCall America message center

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