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Costco is the 5th largest everything products retailer in the USA. I’m saying its everything products retailer as the chain selling all types of entertainment, appliances, funeral, automotive, furniture, computer and its hardware and software, huge of products for baby or kids, grocery, foods, beverages, electronics and others daily essential products. On the other hand, the chain selling several favorites branded products, but it’s also manufacture huge of products. According to its website there are approximately 0.15 million employees which are working numerous position in store, warehouse, transportation, manufacturing and other Costco location.

Actually lots of Costco authorized employee portal are available, where you can enrolment and login to manage your benefits online if you are an employee of Costco. So if you want login to the employee benefits website follows the following directions.

Login paperless pay or Electronic Paystubs & Employee Self Services

TALX is the authorized company of Costco to pay their employee wages, overtime and others bill online without paper cheque. So you are an employee of Costco and worked at least 1 month (part-time, full-time, or minimum working 20 hours/week) you will eligible for the paperless pay systems. To login this portal follows the following directions.

 Visit the Costco-TALX paperless pay website. See the website link in resources.
 Click on the “Click here to login” link to access login page.
 Enter your 6 digits employee ID in the “Employee Number” required box.
 Click on the continue button.
 Enter your 4 digits personal id number in the “Personal ID Number” required box. Your personal ID number is last 4 digits of your social security number. If your employee ID and PIN number doesn’t work, you may contact your HR department. As HR department is always provides employees benefits.
 Click on the “Log In” button to login your account.
 If you are first time you need employee verification or identity conformation to protect your account.
 After login you’ll enjoy the following service.

You may update your personal information.
Improve your bank account direct deposit rate.
You may download tax calculation software and manage or update your tax information.
You may communicate with others electronics pay stubs etc.

Login at Aliquant-Costco Benefits Website

There is Costco wholesale benefits website for health based benefits. For example at the website you will sign up to apply to change your medical, pharmacy and mental health benefits. To apply online, follow the following instructions.

 Visit our Resource suggested 2nd Costco Benefits website. As the website provides health benefits for Costco employees.
 Enter your 6 digits employee ID in the “Employee Number” and Last 4 digits of social security number in the “Personal ID Number” required box.
 Click on the “Log In” button.
 If you can’t login or enroll you may call at 800-541-6205 for technical helps.

After login you will change your benefits, find your nearest Aetna network doctor and schedule with doctor.

On the other hand if you are not an employee of Costco you may online submit your application. To submit your application, visit the job@costco. See the link in Resource.


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