Continental or United Airlines Employee Login Guide

Continental Airlines is a part of united airline that was merged in May 2010. But its employees are still working with United Airlines. Although huge of employees was lost their jobs for merged the company. On the other hand, United airlines is the world largest airlines company which have nearly 0.1 million employees. The Continental or United airlines company provides difference benefits plan and its variety on employees job length, position and countries. If you are working at Continental or United Airlines Company you will enjoy the following benefits as an employee.

Life Insurance and 401k Retirement plan

If you are a full time and permanent employee of Continental or United Airlines Company, you will eligible for its life insurance, and 401 (k) retirement plans etc for you and your family. Some time the company hired part-time or casual workers which are not eligible for this plan.

One time, yearly and occasional bonus

There are one-time and occasional bonus systems to motivating its employee. You will win one-time bonus if you fill up you monthly targets. Yearly and occasional bonuses are for every one which still working.

Others benefits are travel passes, profit sharing, vacation pay, sick pay, accident insurance, dental, health, vision insurance etc that are online applicable.

There are three employees benefits portal for different areas employees. I’m trying to describe about the three portals briefly in the below-

Portal for United Airlines North American Employees

If you are an employee of united airlines North America you can login this portal. (See the portal link in Resource). To login the portal you need password and your employee id. Your password is provides your HR department. So contact your HR manager to take password.

United Airlines Employee-Res Login

If you are eligible for pass riders you can login this portal. Basically all united airlines retirees employees this portal login information from human resource manager. If you don’t have Employee-Res portal login information contacts your HR manager. You may login for pass readers of your spouse, children, parents and maximum 2 friends. See the login link in the Resource. For more information about your e-pass you may call at 866-359-3727.

Continental Airlines Employee Login at Self Service

There are a self service where login its employee to work together. So if you need to the self service, visit the Resource suggested link and enter your employee and password to login. If your password doesn’t work you may forget your password. You will able to recovery your password online by click in the “Forgot Your Password” link. If you are a new employee contact your IT (information technology) manager to take password first time.


United Airlines North American Employees Portal
United Airlines Employee-Res Login
Continental Airlines Self Service

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