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Bank of America is the most important financial institution in the United States. This institution provides financial help to its clients. Recently the financial company offers a CashPay card to solutions your business like a payment processor. For example, suppose you are a business owner or have a company. In that case, you may contact the Bank of America CashPay card department to pay your employees’ salaries, overtime, annual or occasional bills. The CashPay card systems from Bank of America are beneficial, and it helps you save time, easy and quick ways to pay your employees’ bills.

Bank of America cash pay service uses direct deposit systems deposited within 24 hours in your account. So if you use the course, you will save extra costs and time. On the other hand, if you are an employee and use the CahsPay card, you will enjoy the following benefits.

1. Bank of America provides VISA branded CashPay card, which you will use, and a VISA-supported ATM.
2. Use everywhere to purchase products from the store. Note; some store doesn’t support debit card, where it’s not redeemable.
3. It’s providing your human resources department or related program office, so you no needed a bank office to visit applying for a card.
4. Free online banking account to check your card is a remaining balance, funds transfer, pay the bill, etc.

CashPay card regular fees and additional charges

$2.00 maintenance fees are applicable per month.
Cardholders can be use 1time per week for the card in any ATMs of the bank of America. If you use other visa supported ATM, you will pay $1.50 for each transaction. If you need one more time in a week, you will pay a $1.5 extra charge.
If you use ATM outside of the USA, you will pay $3.50 for every transaction.
Two times balance check in ATM for free in a month, but over $0.50 charge is applicable.
If needed, card replacement, $5 fee for card replacement.
If you want to online fund transfer, it’s not free. The online fund’s transfer fee is $1.50 for each transfer.
For additional bits of help, contact your program officer.


Bank of America CashPay

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