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How to pay metro PCS Phone Bill

Metro PCS is more known as a wireless phone service operator in the United States. The phone operator is more famous for an unlimited 4G LTE talk plan. On the other hand, it is the 5th largest mobile phone operator in the USA, and there are over 9.3 million subscribers. There are vital online and retail services with customer satisfaction centers, although some customers complain that there is poor retail customer service. But we can say; statistically, there are vital customer services. However, I came back to my targeted topic, “how do I pay my metro PCS phone bill?” It’s a common question as there are lots of ways of paying the bills. For example, online, by own or vendor phone, payment in a store, by postal mail, pay via an online vendor, automatically payment, etc. On the other hand, there are systems message options that you will receive a text message when your payments are due.

Pay your bill online.

There are e-Wallet centers where its customer can pay its bill, check balance, view account information, change package plan, etc. The e-Wallet systems are easy and faster, so if you want to pay your bill at the e-Wallet center, you need an online account. On the other hand, there are auto pay and express pay systems for online users. Follows the following directions to payment your metro PCS bill online successfully.

1. Visit the metro PCS e-Wallet website (see the website link in Resource).
2. log in to your e-Wallet my account with the user name and password.
3. Click on the “Pay My Bill” (2nd option) on the left side menu log.
4. If you are the first time, you need to set up all account information, payment information, etc. Once if you have set up all information, you are no required to re-enter information. There are BillFloat and Express pay options, if you choose BillFloat, you must pay $4.99 extra, but there are no extra charges for express pay.
5. For the first time, put your ZIP code in the Zip code required box and click the bottom side “Get started” button.
6. Put your ten digits phone number that you wish to pay the bill, for example, 888-863-5241.
7. Put your credit, debit, or e-check information. If you use a credit or debit card, enter credit or debit card number, expiry date, and secure code. If you use an e-checking account, enter your account number, account name, bank name, bank routing number, etc.
8. Put the payment amounts. And click on the submit button to complete the payment process.

Pay by Phone

You may pay your phone bill with your phone. But there are charges applicable. There are two options to pay bills by phone. Such as-

Dial *99 from your phone. Its computer systems follow its steps to ask for the payment system, a $2 charge applicable.

Call (888) 863-8708 and talk with the payment center representative. But a $3 charge applies for the process of each payment.

Pay in person

You needed to find out your nearest metro PCS retail stores, dealer, or vendor who offer metro PCS bill pay systems to pay in person. Pay in person isn’t free. $ 3 charge for paying with an authorized dealer, $2 charge for using the metro PCS payment machine, etc.

Pay by Postal mail

You may send your bank draft or check to Metro PCS Wires, Inc. PO Box 5119, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119. It’s free but needed an extended time to cash your payment for up to 10 days.


Metro PCS e-Wallet

iPhone 5 for AT&T Customers

Coming soon! AT&T wireless goes to deliver the iPhone 5 for its customers. On September 12, 2012, the Apple Company launched the new iPhone 5. Most wireless and mobile phone companies started selling the iPhone on the same day. But AT&T has been worn out its iPhone 5 stock on September 14. After worn out the stock, AT&T declared that it would be delivered iPhone 5 to its customer in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

So if you’re a customer of AT&T network and if you don’t get iPhone 5, you must wait up to 4 weeks. But you must pay $199 for the new iPhone 5. On the other hand, if you don’t have an order for iPhone 5, you may visit the AT & T website to order online. (See the link in resource). Once you have purchased iPhone 5, you need your iPhone. For example, if you are buying the iPhone 5 from any AT&T stores, you may activate your iPhone in stores where you are purchasing.

If you want to activate your new iPhone, this means you are a first-time AT&T phone user, and you are needed to install iTunes software on your PC. The iTunes software is available on the AT&T website. Or call at (866) 895-1099.