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How to pay Your Foremost Insurance Bill

Foremost is an insurance company in the USA which is providing home, auto, life and commercial insurances. According to its website, there are over 20 million policies. Recent years ago the insurance company offers online facilities for its policy holders. For example, if you are a policy holder of foremost cars insurance you may visit foremost official website to pay your bill, file a claim online. At the foremost bill pay website policy holder will be pay following bills-

1. All types of Auto Insurance bill
2. Home (mobile, vacant, seasonal, rental, motor etc home) insurance bill
3. Travels insurance bill
4. Boat and others water craft policy bill

There are online payment and pay via agent options to pay your bill. To make payment with agent, you may contact with your local agent. Don’t forget to taken money form to agents. As there are some bad agents which doesn’t pay your bill in head office properly. As results, your policy will be suspended. On the other hand you may your bill online that’s have not chance to missing. Foremost online bill payment directions are below-

1. Visit the Foremost insurance payment website. (see in the resource link)
2. Put your first 13 digits of your policy number, your policy number almost 15 digits. Don’t put last 2 digits.
3. Enter your zip code in the zip code box.
4. Choose hat what type of policy that you want to bill.
5. Click the continue button to access next page.
6. In the next page, put your contact information with your billing address, phone number and valid email address. Click on the Continue to continuing payment process.
7. Type the amount that you want to pay.
8. choose and select payment method, there are payment options via VISA, Master, Discover and American express credit or debit cards and online checking account.
9. If you choose credit card payment options, enter your 16 digit credit card number and 3 or 4 digit pin number in required fields. Your credit card pin numbers are located back side of your card.
10. If you have submitted all information successfully you receive conformation message in the final window. You may print the message for your safety.

If you can’t pay your bill online you may call your bill suggested number. The numbers are located in the top side of your insurance bill.


Foremost official website
Foremost Online Bill pay

How to Pay Atmos Energy Bill

Atmos is one of the natural gas distributors in the USA which have nearly 3.5 million nationwide customers. There are residential, commercial and other gas uses customers. Basically I’m here to describing the Atmos Energy bill pay systems. Lots of company offered online Atmos bill pay, For example, billfloat which offer we pay your Atmos bill now and you pay us later with standard and guarantee services, if you billfloat guarantee service you must extra $17 and others interest charge. I never use the billfloat service and I don’t know what’s it reliability. Pageonce, charge smart which offer same bill payment systems online.

Basically, Atmos customers may pay their bill 12 days before due date. But lots of customers miss to pay their bill timely and pay with late fees. But you there are lots way that’s you use to pay your bill timely without late fees. Such as, online, phone and postal mail services.

Pay your Bill Online without any extra cost

If you pay your bill online via Atmos official website you no need pay any extra charge. Actually, Atmos online bill payment systems are easy, guarantee and fasters. To pay online follows the following steps.
1. Visit Atmos energy account center. (See the account center link in Resource)
2. Log in to your account with user name and password.
3. If you have not a created online account you may free setup an online account. To create an online account you will need a valid email address, your gas account number and social security number. If you don’t wish to use SSN, you may use other govt. id for example; your tax id, or divining license etc. (Find the first time registration link in our Resource)
4. After login your account you will see several account managing options. For example you setup multiple accounts in your online account to pay bill, view bills, payments history, cancel service etc.
5. To pay your bill, Click on the Pay Bill tab.
6. Set you payment amount, auto pay/one time payment, your credit card, debit card or checking account information etc. Atmos allows the VISA, Master, Discover and American express credit and debit cards, online access checking accounts etc to pay your bill.
7. If you have multiple accounts you must need select account that’s account you want to pay bill.
8. If your payment has successfully you will conformation message in next window.
9. If you wish to payment your bill automatically you may setup an automatic payment plan in your account dashboard. For additional helps call at 888-286-6700 and press # button of your phone when the system will ask you to choose customers representative.

Pay by postal mail;

If you wish to payment your bill by postal mail you may write and send your check or money order at the address-
Atmos Energy #790311
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone – 1-888-286-6700

Pay your Atmos Bill by Phone

If you want to pay your bill you call at 888-286-6700 and follow its instructions as it’s a computer system. The system is access VISA, Master, Discover and American express credit and debit cards to pay bill.


Atmos energy online bill center

Sign up for an Atmos online account

How to Pay Your Windstream Bill

Windstream is the nationwide high speed broadband internet, digital cable television and phone services operator in the USA. There are lots of customers which using Windstream’s monthly package of phone, dish TV and high speed internet service. Additionally customers needs to payment bill monthly or before due date. There are three ways for you to pay your bill. By the way if you are a customer of Windstream you will follow my instruction to pay your bill before due date.

Windstream Online Bill Payment Systems

Online bill systems is always faster and convenience in any where. Windstream online bill payments systems are more reliable and secure as the company using own secure services. Windstream is access to bill payments VISA, Master, Discover and American Express credit and debit card, and online access checking account. So if you want to pay your bill online you may follows by directions.

1. Go to the Windstream e-bill center. (see the E-bill center link in resources)
2. Put your login user ID and password in login mandatory fields and click on the submit button to sign in your account.
3. If you have not an online bill payment account you must create to an account for free. There are no charges to charge to create e-bill account.
4. To create an account click on the “First time user?” link and sign up with your 9 digit account number and PIN. The account number and pin number are located in your bill (hard copy).
5. If your account number and PIN doesn’t work you call at 877-807-9463 to complain or technical helps.
6. When you complete your account creation process, systems will automatically update your information. For example you may login your account to view e-bill copy (soft), your billing due date, billing summary etc.
7. To pay bill click on the “Pay Bill Now” link that’s located in the middle of your account summary page.
8. In the next payment processing enter the required information such as payment methods, credit card, debit card or checking account information that you want to use pay your bill.
9. There are automatic payments option you may choose the “Auto Pay” to pay your bill monthly automatically form your credit, debit or checking account. If you setup auto pay option Windstream will be taken your bill monthly form bank account. Once if you have setup auto pay systems you may remove tick on the “Auto Pay” option to canceling automatically payments.
10. When all secure steps are complete to pay your bill you will receive conformation page with a number that’s your payment number.
11. So don’t way to print this conformation pages. Its will be help later when you needed.

If you want to pay your bill via postal mail you may send your payments via us mail in your regional offices. There are lots of payment offices in your area that not possible present in a topic. But we suggest that visit to finding your nearest payment center locations (link in Resource).
Pay your Windstream bill by Phone

We suggest some regional phone number to pay your bill by phone.

1-800-501-1754 for Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas’ customers
1-800-347-1991 for Florida, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania customers
1-877-759-9066 for Pennsylvania state college customers

For additional helps you may call at 1-888-292-3827 or 1-866-445-5850.


Windstream E-bill center

Find Windstream your nearest payment locations