My Coke Rewards Donate to your School Sweepstakes; Win $10,000 offers five grand prizes for the school. If you are a member of My Coke Rewards and if your school is registered, you will be entering the sweepstakes. If your school is not yet registered, you can visit the My Coke Rewards website to free registration online of your school. Five schools will be winning the five grand prizes. All great prize values are equal. Each winning school will receive a $10,000 credit used to purchase sports gear and equipment for the school.

Students, parents of students, teachers, or interested persons may be entered the sweepstakes. To enter, you must need 3 points to donate. An interested person may enter unlimited sweepstakes, but you need 3 reward points to entry 1 sweepstakes.

Start date; 15 August 2012.

End date; 31 October 2012.

To enter online, click here and sign in to your account.

Results; the sweepstakes will be drawn on 15 November 2012.

Check the Winning School List

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