Make Money with Google Adsense

Google is the world’s largest affiliated company, which pays 68% revenue share. Google AdSense for publishers is a free program. This means you will no be needed to pay any money to sign up in Google AdSense. If you have GOOD English article writing skills, you may use your writing skill in blogging to earning money online with Google AdSense.

In 2009, Google updated the AdSense program policy; thus, the company avoided ad surveys in unwanted and violated websites, blogs.

In 2011, Google was re-updating program policies and ad placement policies. As a result, the corer of AdSense accounts was punished and disabled.

How to get Google Adsense quickly;

– Purchase a top-level domain.
– Make a website in WordPress operating systems.
– Write an informational and unique article.
– Avoid unwanted, adult, and un-expectable contents.
– Don’t copy from others.
– Use Google webmaster tools.
– Wait up to six months and apply for Google Adsense.
– Google Adsense publisher’s center address is
– After applying, the Google Ad publisher’s representative will be reviewing your application.
– Once if you have approved the Adsense account, you may use placement Ads on your website.

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