Lowes Review

Lowe’s Companies, Inc
1000 Lowes Boulevard
Mooresville, NC 28117
North Carolina, USA
Website; lowes.com
Phone; 1-512-338-4400
Toll free; 1-800-455-6937
Fax; 1-704-758-4766
Email; CareFB@lowes.com

Lowe’s is one of the popular home improvement retailers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It was founded in 1946 by Lucius S. Lowe. When it was founded there are mission to create only home improvement chain. But, there are several fields businesses now. Yet the retailer main businesses are home improvement stores.

Our review centers find out that’s there are nearly eighteen hundred home improvement stores in USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia. According to Fortune Magazine, it is the 43rd largest company in the world and 2nd largest hardware chain in the USA.

We found that’s there are online and retails stores where you purchase home improvement products. You may filly read our Lowe’s home improvement stores and online stores review.

Lowes home improvement stores

There are nearly running 1715 retails stores in the USA, where you purchase everyday. All retail stores are open Monday to Thursday, 07 AM – 09PM, Friday to Saturday, 07AM-10PM and each vacation days with Sunday are open 08AM-07PM. More than top of 50 trademark brands products are available in all Lowes home improvement stores. Read more…

Lowes Home Improvement Online Stores

There are online stores since 1998, where you purchase online. All retail stores items are available in Lowe’s online store but it dependable on stocks. There are domestics and international online selling options. If you purchase from USA you will enjoy domestic sales facilities such as free shipping, delivery up to 7 days, sale tax free, free refund and exchange etc. If you purchase from abroad, you must pay clearance fee, shipping cost and others costs. Read more…

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