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In 1998, the retailer announced an online store where customers can be online shopping from home. Kohl’s online store website address is www.kohls.com. Since 2000, it’s still serving online. Now its online store, the following products are available for all customers.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children.
Home products such as vacuums & floor care, bedding, toys, electronics, electric shavers, toothbrushes, luggage, etc. There is everything that’s you would need.

Now there are lots of products on clearance. So if you want to shop from the Kohls website, follow the following directions.

1. If you visit from any affiliated links, then shop from this page.
2. If you visit the home page directly and want to use a coupon code, you can be shopping by category.
3. To shopping by category, select the type and subcategory. For example, you want to buy women’s pants, so click on the women’s category’s pants sub-category.
4. In this category, there are lots of styles, designs, and prices pant.
5. So select one or more that’s your choices.
6. Find out your choices product size, color, etc., in the next windows.
7. Click on the “add to My Account” to adding to your account.
8. If you want to shop for a few items, shopping continues and adds to My Account.
9. When all items are added, click on the My Account link. The link is located top right side of the page.
10. Login to your Kohl’s account with your user ID and password. Once. If you have not a created history, sign up for an account.
11. Complete the payment process with a credit or debit card or others.
12. Wait a few days to receive your products via mailing service.

Benefits of Kohl’s Online Shopping

1. Save time and Money
2. Lots of item products on clearance.
3. Coupons code using the facility.
4. Free shipping facilities.
5. Guarantee order and guarantee payments
6. If the purchased items are troublesome, then the company offers free returns and exchanges.
7. No sales tax for domestic orders.

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