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Kohl’s is one of the popular and wonderful departmental stores chain in the USA and there are Clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronics, and house wares products. The kohl’s products are available in kohl’s departmental stores, outlet store and online stores. According to its website, the retailer was founded in 1962. There are nearly one thousands and one hundred outlets and departmental stores in the 49 states of USA. If you want to shop at Kohl’s departmental or outlet store you may visit your nearest outlet stores. Read Continue

So if you interested to working at Kohl’s departmental stores or corporate office, you must submit a job application online. As the chain, doesn’t support papers application.

Current Salary of Kohl’s Stores;

Now Kohl’s stores pay’s $8.45 per hours for salesman. Increments are $1-2.5 after one year later. Difference scales salary for store supervisors, electricians etc.

Working Hours and Times;

The chain’s general working hours are eight hours. There are over times systems, the chain will be pay for double salary for over time hours. Huge of stores working hours are 09;00-17;00. But some stores are access shifting duties where working hours start from 08 AM.

To submit your job application online, firstly find out the jobs are available. If available submit with this website. Such as Glassdoor.com, if the Kohl’s jobs circular are available at Glassdoor.com. You may submit your application via Glassdoor.com. On the other hand, you may application directly at Kohl’s website. If the chain don’t hire employee currently you may submit advance application. As when your areas stores vacancies are available then they will be first hire you. So submit your application now.

Submit Your Application at Kohl’s

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