How to get Lowes Employee Discount or Commissions online

If you are Lowe’s running employee, you may join Lowe’s employee online discount center to enjoy up to 90% discount in difference locations. Already join nearly sixty thousand Lowe’s employee in the online Lowe’s employee discount center. So if you are not yet registered you may sign up now online to start saving.

To sign up in employee discount center you must have valid or company email. For example, if you are an employee of Lowe’s stores your email ID may be your If you are Lowe’s corporate employee you may use corporate email

Not yet company email you may still sign up for an account. Once if you have created account login your account.

Sign up or Login Lowe’s Employee Discount Center

1. Enjoy special discount.
2. Earn 1 WOW point for each $1 spends.
3. Guarantee shopping etc.

How to get discount online

To get discount online, log in to your account. And find out that you want to purchase with category. Actually there are everything items that’s you need. For example you want to purchase women clothing, so visit Apparel category > women clothing. Choose retailer where you want to buy. There are lots retailers, such as you want shopping from GAP. So select GAP and check out discount offers. You will up to 90% discount.

You will get gift code in Redemption information in the next windows. Click on the Shop Now button and continue shopping.

Use offer code in the check out that’s when you will payment. If the information is useful don’t worry to comments.

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