Hanna Andersson Stores Review, Coupon & Web Code

Company Profile of Hanna Andersson

Name; Hanna Andersson LLC

Industry type; Public, pure clothing and accessories retailer for children’s and women

Founded and founder; Tom Denhart and his wife Gun, in 1983

Recent President and CEO; Adam Stone

Headquarters; 1010 NW Flanders, Portland, Oregon 97209, United State

Phone Number; 503-321-5275, 800-222-0544

Fax Number; 1-503-321-5289

Number of Location; 23 stores, 6 outlets and internet site

Hanna Andersson is a pure cotton-clothing and accessories retailer in the USA for children and women. Recently the retailer success in cotton-based children’s clothing, even for women. Since 2006, the retailer sales own branded pure cotton clothing for women. Now there are nearly 30 retail stores and outlets.

Our review centers find out that’s there are 4 ages clothing, such as-

1. Baby’s; which age is under 1 year.
2. Little girls and boys; which age are 1 to 6 years.
3. Girls and boys; which age are 6 to 12 years.
4. Women; Young age women.

If you are looking for pure cotton based clothing for your baby, it’s a great retailer both online and in stores. In the Hanna Andersson stores, you will find the following categories of clothing for children and women.

1. Dresses for babies, little girls, girls, and women.
2. Top for babies, little girls & boys, girls & boys, and women.
3. Sweaters and Jackets for babies, little girls & boys, girls & boys, and women.
4. Outerwear for babies, little girls & boys, and girls & boys.
5. Swimwear for babies, little girls & boys, and girls & boys.
6. Sleepwear for babies, little girls & boys, girls & boys, and women.
7. Pants for little girls & boys, girls & boys, and women.
8. Other accessories such as shoes, tights, socks, hats, mittens, jewelry, etc.

Hanna Andersson web code and Coupon code

The following web code and coupons code are valid in Hanna Andersson’s online stores.

20% off SITEWIDE

If you are a new customer, you will enjoy this offer. The offer doesn’t seem applicable to an existing customer. Get the offer you the suggested coupon code.

Coupon Code; WELCOME

Expire date; 3 September 2012.

20% off

Everyone will enjoy the discount offer. The offer will continue on 2 September 2012. If you want to enjoy the offer, use the suggested coupon code.

Coupon code; SHOPHANNA

Save Up to 40% on Back Packs

The retailer offers kids with backpack discount sales. Get the offer no need coupon code. Just visit the suggested link to activating this offer and starting a shop.

Limited times offer

Activate link

Free Shipping

Spend or order $100 or more and enjoy the free shipping offer. Free shipping offers only applicable to US customers. For the offer, you will no need any coupon code.

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