Circle k Review

Circle K Stores Inc
1130 W Warner Road,
The building no; B, Tempe,
Arizona 85284, USA
Phone; 1-602-728-8000

Circle K is a worldwide convenience retail chain that was founded in 1951. According to Wikipedia, once it was the 2nd largest corner store chain, it is now the 4th largest corner shop chain. There are nearly 7.5 thousand stores in the USA, Guam, Japan, China, UAE, Mexico, etc. The Circle K corner stores the same as 7-Eleven and different from the supermarket. Because it is the non-franchised stores, and it’s selling everyday items with lots of branded fuels.

The following branded motor fuels are available in the Circle K corner stores-
1. Union 76
2. Mobil
3. ConocoPhillips
4. Irving
5. BP (the BP branded motor fuels are available in over 3.5 thousand stores)
6. Sunoco
7. Shell (The Shell-branded motor fuels are available in over five thousand stores)
8. Marathon
9. Citgo
10. Sunoco and other famous brands.

On the other hand, there is nearly five thousand convenience retail where are available everyday items. So if you want to shop quickly, everyday objects, visit your nearest Circle K stores. The stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means all time available.

There are no online sales stores, but you may join your regional Circle K club to receive corner shop special offers or discount sales. So to joining the club online, you can visit your local Circle K website.
Another way there is a regional Facebook fun page. You may like the fun page and receive exclusive offers. To find your regional Facebook faun use the Facebook home URL/ circle k your location. For example, if your site in Florida, visit For Arizona If the information is important and remarkable, please don’t forget to comment.

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