Blog Cabin Sweepstakes 2012 by DIY Network’s

The DIY Network offers blog cabin sweepstakes 2012 for American residents, which are living legally. So if you are a legal resident of the USA and your age plus 21, you will be entering the sweepstakes to win a chance of nearly 0.7 million dollars. The blog cabin grand prize is a vacation home located in Waldoboro, Maine, that’s market prize is about .7 million dollars.

Offer Start Date; August 13, 2012.

End date; 28 September, 2012, EST 16:59:59.

How to enter Sweepstakes

There is two ways to enter sweepstakes. Full details are below-

Entry Online

You may enter sweepstakes online. If you have a valid email address, you will have one entry every day. To entry flows the following direction.

1. Visit the
2. Fill the sweepstakes required form with your name, valid email ID, phone number, and address.
3. Choose sponsor offers as sponsors provide the sweepstakes. Basically, sweepstakes are a way of marketing that’s the target domestics or international people.
4. Click on the red color “Enter for a Chance to Win.”
Note; don’t try to submit one more with the same email ID and person in a day.

Entry via Regular Mail

If you don’t have a valid email address, you may need to enter via regular mail. To enter via regular mail, the following directions are required.
1. You need a postcard or A4 size paper. Don’t use larger than A4 size papers.
2. Write your name, phone number (Phone number must require), complete address.
3. Send via US mail at P.O. Box 51512, Knoxville, TN 37950.
4. Don’t send after September 28, 2012.

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