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Eppicard- An American Government Payment Prepaid Card

Eppicard is American government payment prepaid card that help to receiving unemployment benefits and child support program payments electrically. Basically Eppicard is VISA and Master supported prepaid card that use in any master and VISA card supported ATM. According to some states official unemployment website, applicant can’t access cash via electronic machine without Eppicard. On the other hand, if you have an Eppicard you may use as a normal credit and debit card. My present article suggest that how to sign up for an Eppicard, Eppicard benefits, online balance checking options and what essential work when your card will lost or stolen.

Online Sign Up for an Eppicard;

If you have not an Eppicard but you need a card to receive money from government various program then you can free online sign up to getting an Eppicard. To sign up follows the following steps-
1. Visit the Eppicard official website. The website address is www.eppicard.com.
2. The website support 27 states payment systems. So firstly, select your State.
3. In the next window, you will see 2 items of card i.e. child support recipients and unemployment insurance recipients. So choose the card that’s you needed.
4. In the next page, click on the new user link in left side of screen. And put the required secure information to complete application process.
5. If your submitted application has been approved, the payment processing organization will be mailed to your card after 2-3 days. So wait up to 5-7 days to receiving your card via us mail.
Don’t share your secure information with others.

Benefits to using Eppicard card;

The card has several facilities for its user. Such as-

1. Use in any VISA and Master card supported ATM.
2. Support worldwide.
3. Automatic loaded money of unemployment benefits, if you have file claim for unemployment benefits.
4. Cash withdrawal fee only &0.95.
5. Some shopping website support the Eppicard.
6. Online manageable.

Check Balance online;
Eppicard user can be check account balance in several ATM booths free. And some ATM booths taken charge to checking balance. But you may check your account balance online from home and free just in a minute. To check balance, visit the Eppicard local website site and login your account with user ID and password. To check via phone call at your card back sides phone number.

If lost your card, call your card back sides phone number and claim that’s your card is stolen or lost, if the number can’t memorize call at Eppicard customer service number 914-249-200. I hope the information will be helping you. For more information, call at 877-567- 1768.

Chick Fil A Review

Chick Fil A corporate office address
Chick Fil A, Inc.
5200 Buffington Road
Atlanta, GA 30349-2998
Phone number: 1-404-765-8038
Customer service: 1-404-765-800
Website: www.chick-fil-a.com

Chick Fil A is an American chicken sandwiches and waffle fries restaurant and fast food chain. According to official website, there are more 1600 outlets in the 39 states. Recently the hotel company has controversial by politician and its consumers to supporting anti gay marriage. For supporting anti-gay marriage, the hotel company has boycotted in some cities by its consumer and mayors in August 2012. Even, Chicago and Boston’s mayors have spoken against Chick Fil A company. By the way, I dislike criticizing the politician and religions comments.

Every 13th August the company announce celebration of Cow Appreciation Day where participate huge of fans. Up coming 13th August the hotel company will be provide 8th annual Cow Appreciation Day with various grand prize winners.

Chick Fil A Online Service:

The fast food chain has an excellent website, where consumer can be online shopping and order to home delivery. There are difference categories for kids and family meal. No only limited here, consumer may use online meal calculator to calculate specific meal. On the other hand, If you interested to working at Chick Fil A restaurant chain you may apply online in the website.

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